Welcome to Carbon 350

We have a new site at http://www.350ppm.co.uk/.

Emissions Brokerage, Project Development and Project Finance:

Through our long-standing relationships with project owners and tacit understanding of the processes within Project Development and UNFCCC carbon credit accreditation, we are able to source rights to primary emission credits, smoothly and swiftly broker transactions and process the contracts through to conclusion.

We achieve this through a network of exclusive Carbon 350 agents throughout the developing world working in conjunction with our London based operatives. Currently, we are represented directly in Argentina, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Ukraine, though of course our geographic reach extends to neighboring countries and our network is continuously developing.

As a consequence, Carbon 350 is ideally positioned to assist CER/ERU buyers in accessing the highest quality of carbon assets from around the world.